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Starter Kit with Arduino Uno
Availability: Stock: 28

Just getting started with Arduino? This Arduino kit has everything you need. Kit  ...

Based on 1 reviews.
Arduino Uno R3
Availability: Stock: 32

  Description: This is the new Arduino Uno R3. In addition to all the features o...

Arduino Jumper Cables (M/M) (65 Pack)
Availability: Stock: 49

Introduction Breadboard jumper wire 65pcs pack. Including 4 different length:200mm,165m...

MyDuino Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
Availability: Stock: 27

  Interested in making neat stuff with an Arduino but not sure where to start? Thi...

Arduino LCD Shield
Availability: Stock: 1

This is a very popular LCD Keypad shield for Arduino board. It can be directly plug onto t...

Based on 1 reviews.
Atmega 328 With Arduino Uno Bootloader
Availability: Out of stock

  Description: The name says it all on this one. An ATmega328 in DIP package, pre-...

Alpha 1 Pro Dobot Magician Beginner Kit Raspberry Pi 3 3D Printer Zortrax M200


Notify Me When This Product is Available

Notify Me When This Product is Available

Notify Me When This Product is Available

Notify Me When This Product is Available

TFMini - Micro LiDAR Module
Availability: Stock: 5

The TFMini is a ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR sensor capable of measuring the distance to an ...

SparkFun Inventor's Kit - v4.0
Availability: Stock: 10

The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is a great way to get started with programming and har...

MOSFET Power Controller
Availability: Stock: 2

In most Arduino projects, relays are the first choice to drive some large current device. ...

Analog TDS Sensor/Meter For Arduino
Availability: Stock: 10

This is an Arduino-compatible TDS sensor/Meter Kit for measuring TDS value of the water, t...

Nano I/O Shield for Arduino Nano
Availability: Stock: 2

The Arduino Nano I/O Sensor Shield acts as an expansion board for the Arduino Nano and DFR...

XBEE USB Adapter
Availability: Stock: 10

The XBee USB Adapter V2 is an update version from DFRobot. It features an Atmega8U2 progra...

Nextion NX8048T070 - Generic 7.0" HMI TFT LCD Touch Display
Availability: Stock: 1

Nextion is a seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution that provides a control and v...

433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module
Availability: Stock: 7

This is 433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver, complete set to develop wireless projects...

i2C 16 Digital I/O Expansion Module
Availability: Stock: 10

Having troubles with inadequate digital I/O when using arduino with robots or interactive ...

Availability: Stock: 4

This is a GPRS / GSM Arduino expansion board developed by Keyes. It is a shield module wit...

Adjustable 3-40V 3A Step-Down DC-DC Power Module LM2596S
Availability: Stock: 20

This module is a versatile adjustable step-down DC-DC power converter modules. It applies ...

MP3 Player Module
Availability: Out of stock

The DFRduino Player MP3 module is designed to give your project speech. The DFRduino playe...

5V Power Booster & Charger Module
Availability: Out of stock

In many applications, we will use lithium batteries as our power solutions. In this kind o...

Load Cell - 10kg, Straight Bar (TAL220)
Availability: Stock: 5

This straight bar load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 10kg of ...

Load Cell Amplifier - HX711
Availability: Stock: 5

The SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier is a small breakout board for the HX711 IC that allows yo...

OpenMV M7 Camera
Availability: Out of stock

The OpenMV M7 Camera is a small, low-power microcontroller board that allows you to easily...

SparkFun Sunny Buddy - MPPT Solar Charger
Availability: Stock: 4

This is the Sunny Buddy, a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charger for single-ce...

micro:bit Go Bundle
Availability: Out of stock

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technolog...

micro:bit Board
Availability: Stock: 2

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital techn...

WeMos ESP32 WiFi Development Kit with OLED Display
Availability: Stock: 6

Coolest WiFi development board ever. It is not just the mighty ESP32 on board, it also com...

Myduino IOT Training Kit (RBT KIT)
Availability: Stock: 80

Do you want to learn Arduino in more systematic and organized way? Let's forget about bunc...

ZORTRAX M300 3D Printer
Availability: Stock: 3

Enlarged build volume, ability to print large models as one part. KEY FEATURES ...

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