Starter Kit with Arduino Uno
Availability: Stock: 26

Just getting started with Arduino? This Arduino kit has everything you need. Kit  ...

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Arduino Uno R3
Availability: Stock: 94

  Description: This is the new Arduino Uno R3. In addition to all the features o...

Arduino Jumper Cables (M/M) (65 Pack)
Availability: Stock: 25

Introduction Breadboard jumper wire 65pcs pack. Including 4 different length:200mm,165m...

MyDuino Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
Availability: Stock: 7

  Interested in making neat stuff with an Arduino but not sure where to start? Thi...

Arduino LCD Shield
Availability: Stock: 26

This is a very popular LCD Keypad shield for Arduino board. It can be directly plug onto t...

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Atmega 328 With Arduino Uno Bootloader
Availability: Stock: 100

  Description: The name says it all on this one. An ATmega328 in DIP package, pre-...

Alpha 1 Pro Dobot Magician Beginner Kit Raspberry Pi 3 3D Printer Zortrax M200

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mBot v1.1 - Blue (2.4G Version)
Availability: Stock: 10

mBot is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronic...

Pixy CMUcam5 Sensor
Availability: Stock: 5

Pixy is a fast vision sensor you can quickly teach to find objects, and it connects direct...

Towerpro MG996R 10kg Servo 10kg / 0.20sec / 55g
Availability: Stock: 30

This is essentially an upgraded version of the famous towerpro MG995 servo. It now has a r...

LIDAR-Lite v3
Availability: Stock: 10

It’s back! This is the LIDAR-Lite v3, a compact, high-performance optical distance measu...

20W Adjustable DC-DC Buck Converter with Digital Display
Availability: Stock: 10

This is a 20W adjustable DC-DC buck converter module with digital display. It is based on ...

Grove Starter Kit for Linkit 7688 Duo + Linkit Smart 7688 Duo
Availability: Stock: 10

This the best Internet of Things (IOT) development kit. This kit includes with an open dev...

NodeMCU - Arduino IOT Platform with Silicon Labs USB Serial Chip
Availability: Out of stock

This NodeMCU V1.0, a latest revision from previous version NodeMCU V0.9. There hardwa...

240VAC - 12VDC 2A UK Wall Plug Adapter to DC Jack
Availability: Stock: 19

This is a lightweight 12V DC switching power adapter can supply a load current of up to 2A...

Stepper Motor Driver TB6600
Availability: Stock: 10

TB6600 is an easy-to-use professional stepper motor driver, which could control a two-phas...

Analog Infrared CO2 Sensor (0~5000 ppm)
Availability: Stock: 10

The concentration of carbon dioxide (0.03% usuallly) is related to daily life. Recently, t...

Digital Thermometer
Availability: Stock: 20

Are you still looking for a low cost thermometer? Did you get one? Aha! Here it is! This i...

Tamiya Narrow Tire Set 58mm
Availability: Stock: 13

These are different wheel combinations for the Tamiya twin gear box. All tire types press-...

Tamiya Twin Motor GearBox
Availability: Stock: 15

Dual gearbox from Tamiya. This is an excellent way to get started quickly with robotics! Y...

DIY WiFi Robotic Car Kit: L293 Motor Driver and ESP8266 Arduino Compatible
Availability: Stock: 10

This is a Q68NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 WiFi IoT DIY Robotic Car Kit base on ESP-12E WiFi Develop...

Analog AC Current Sensor
Availability: Stock: 22

When you want to measure AC current it is impractical and hazardous to cut in to your live...

Digital Tilt Sensor
Availability: Stock: 14

This is a digital tilt switch. It  can be used as a simple tilt sensor.  Simple ...

ZORTRAX M300 3D Printer (Pre Order)
Availability: Stock: 10

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW! Enlarged build volume, ability to print large models a...

Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor For Arduino
Availability: Stock: 15

We can divide temperature measurement in to two types: contact and non-contact. Contact me...

Heart Rate Monitor Sensor
Availability: Stock: 13

The DFRobot Heart Rate Monitor Sensor is used to measure the electrical activity of the he...

Voice Recorder Module
Availability: Stock: 6

This is the latest voice recorder module with integrated record and play functions. Easily...

Dobot Magician - Basic Plan
Availability: Stock: 10

  SHAKE HANDS WITH FUTURE   Wisdom in shapes & colors ...


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EZ-Robot ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller
Availability: Stock: 4

The ez-bv4 Wi-fi controller can be purchased separately to start customizing your robot wi...

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MyoWare Muscle Sensor
Availability: Stock: 6

Using our muscles to control things is the way that most of us are accustomed to doing it....

RM265.00 RM238.50
SparkFun Line Follower Array
Availability: Out of stock

The SparkFun Line Follower Array is a long board consisting of eight IR sensors that have ...

RM143.10 RM101.76
WAV Trigger
Availability: Stock: 6

The WAV Trigger is a unique high-fidelity polyphonic audio player with surprising capabili...

RM249.10 RM209.88