PAC5010 3 Phase Power Panel Energy Meter


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PAC5010 series products are the multi-function power analysis instrument for collection and analysis of electric parameters, used not only in the electricity transmission and power distribution system but also in the power consumption measurement and analysis in high voltage intelligent power grid. This series of products can support a variety of electric parameter measurement analyses, such as voltage, current, the four quadrant power parameters, power factor, total harmonic distortion, individual harmonic distortion, unbalance factor, crest factor, etc. This series of products also provides a variety of electrical energy parameter measurements, such as two-way active energy, reactive energy, four-quadrant energy, and monthly and daily energy consumption statistics.

PAC5010 series products can support the 1P2W, 2P3W, 3P3W and 3P4W grid environment analysis of electric power parameter measurement, and at the same time provide multi-channel digital input/output interface, and SOE function, is suitable for real-time power monitoring and control system, the energy consumption management system, industrial monitoring site using a variety of applications such as environment, has the multi-function, high stability and long life characteristics.

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  • Multi-function parameter measurement, providing voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase Angle, etc.
  • Provides a variety of analytical parameters, such as total harmonic distortion (THD) and Individual harmonic distortion (IHD) of voltage/current, voltage/current unbalance factor, voltage crest factor, current K factor, etc. The Sub-harmonic component is maximum supported to the 63rd.
  • External current transformers of output types such as 5A/100mV/100mA are supported, and direct access of Rogowski coil is also supported with the current transformer reverse connection correction function.
  • Support external voltage transformer access, input voltage minimum support 30V
  • Embedded installation, product panel size is 96*96mm.
  • Plug and pull type connection mode, convenient construction connection.
  • Liquid crystal display with backlit, backlight lighting time adjustable.
  • LCD refresh time is 1 second and supports manual or automatic scroll display (configurable).
  • Support multi-channel digital input and output interface.
  • Two pulse optocoupler output interfaces are pulse 1 and pulse 2 respectively. The output parameter can be set for pulse 1, while the fixed pulse 2 represents the total active energy of the secondary side, which cannot be set. 
  • Support RS485 communication function, baud rate up to 38400bps, support Modbus RTU, MBUS protocol.


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