Omron PLC Ethernet Option Board CP1W-CIF41


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The Ethernet CP1W-CIF41 is a communication interface module designed for use with Omron’s CP1L and CP1H series programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to enable Ethernet communication. It’s part of the CP1W series of expansion modules that can be added to these PLCs to provide additional communication functionality.

Specifically, the Ethernet CP1W-CIF41 module allows the CP1L and CP1H PLCs to communicate over Ethernet networks, which are commonly used for industrial automation and control systems. This module typically offers one or more Ethernet ports and supports various Ethernet communication protocols, making it suitable for connecting the PLC to other devices or systems over Ethernet.

  • Ethernet Connectivity: It provides Ethernet connectivity, allowing the PLC to communicate with other Ethernet-enabled devices, such as HMI (Human-Machine Interface) panels, other PLCs, SCADA systems, or PCs.
  • Ethernet Protocols: Support for Ethernet protocols like Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or other industrial Ethernet protocols, depending on the configuration and firmware version.
  • Data Exchange: Enables real-time data exchange and control between the PLC and other devices on the Ethernet network.
  • Remote Monitoring and Programming: With Ethernet connectivity, you can often remotely monitor and program the PLC, which can be particularly useful for troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • DIN Rail Mounting: Like other CP1W series modules, it is designed for easy DIN rail mounting within control panels.

The exact specifications and features of the Ethernet CP1W-CIF41 module may vary depending on the model and version. It’s essential to refer to the specific documentation and datasheets provided by Omron for detailed information and compatibility with your PLC system and network requirements.


  • One Ethernet option board can be mounted to the option board slot.
  • CP1E CPU units are supported by CP1W-CIF41 version 2.0 or higher.
  • When using CP1W-CIF41, CX-Programmer version 9.12 or higher is required.


Brand Name Omron
Model Number CP1W-CIF41
Port One Ethernet port
Maximum transmission distance 100m
Connection method Connector
Description Ethernet option board



  • 1 x Omron Ethernet Option Board CP1W-CIF41
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