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The NPN transistor comprises two n-type semiconductors sandwiched between two p-type semiconductors. Electrons are the predominant charge carriers in this system, whereas holes are the minority charge carriers. As seen below, the NPN transistor is depicted. An arrow pointing outwards from the emitter terminal may be seen in the above illustration. This specifies the direction of current flow via the gadget.

An NPN transistor is built from silicon or germanium and consists of three parts: the emitter, base, and collector. It’s like two diodes connected together. The emitter-base diode is between the emitter and base, while the collector-base diodes connect the collector and base. The emitter has moderate doping, the base has light doping, and the collector has heavy doping.


  • High-frequency applications make use of these.
  • Switching applications are where NPN transistors are most commonly used.
  • This component is used in amplifying circuits.
  • To amplify weak signals, it’s used in Darlington pair circuits.
  • NPN transistors are used in applications where a current sink is required.
  • Some classic amplifier circuits, such as ‘push-pull’ amplifier circuits, make use of this component.
  • In temperature sensors, for example.
  • Applications with extremely high frequency.
  • In logarithmic converters, this variable is used.
  • Because signal amplification is done with NPN transistors. In amplifying circuits, it is used in this way.
  • Logarithmic converters are another area where it is used.
  • The switching characteristic of the NPN transistor is one of its most significant advantages. As a result, it’s commonly used in switching applications.


  • 1 x NPN Transistor




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A42 300V 0.5A, C945 60V 0.15A, C1815 60V 0.15A, S9013 45V 0.5A, S9014 50V 0.1A, S9018 30V 0.05A, S8050 40V 0.5A, 2N2222 60V 0.8A, 2N3904 60V 0.2A, 2N5551 180V 0.6A, BC547 45V 0.5A

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