Keyestudio W5100 Ethernet Shield gives you an easy way to get your Arduino Online. It can turn your Arduino into a simple web server or use the Internet to read /write its digital and analog outputs/inputs. It is directly supported by Arduino official Ethernet Library. It also supports the read &write of mini SD card (TF card). The shield adopts stackable design. You can directly plug it to Arduino board. It’s also compatible with our other shields.


  • Compatible with UNO R3 and MEGA 2560 control board.
  • Comes with a SD card slot, supporting the read/write of mini SD card (TF card).
  • Comes with a reset button
  • Onboard comes with a D13 led
  • Comes with a network connector, used to connect the network.
  • Comes with several LED indicators for various status, such as network connection, powering on and communication situation.
  • Support TCP/IP protocols


Indicator light functions:

  • L: D13 LED ( D13 light up at HIGH, off at LOW)
  • PWR: power led
  • LINK: the network is connected. It will flash when send or receive the data
  • 100M: the network connection is in 100M/s
  • FULLD: the network connection is full duplex communication
  • COLL: flashing when the network detects a conflict.
  • RX: flashing when the network receives data.
  • TX: flashing when the network sends data.



  • W5100 Ethernet Shield
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