2-Channel PC817 3.6-30V Optocoupler Isolation Module


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This 2-channel module converts voltage levels, operating from 3.6V to 24V in and 3.6V to 30V out, making it versatile for various applications. It’s great for connecting a 24V sensor to a 5V or 3.3V device. It’s designed for noisy circuits, providing electrical isolation between channels. Each channel uses a PC817 optocoupler for conversion and has a jumper for optional ground connection. LEDs indicate input status: on for active input, off for high output.


  • Input voltage 3.6V to 24V
  • Output voltage 3.6V to 30V
  • Maximum Output (Emitter) Current: 50mA *
  • Maximum Frequency: 4KHz
  • Rise and Fall Times: 18us
  • Channels: 2
    Both channels are independent and can be used with different input and output voltages simultaneously
  • Input Pins:
    • IN1 … IN2: +3.6V to 30 V
    • G: Ground
  • Output Pins:
    • V1 … V2: Phototransistor collector pins
    • G: Phototransistor emitter pins

* NOTE: Optocouplers have a low output current. The maximum output current of the PC817 is 50 mA. As a result, you cannot connect high-current components (such as motors, etc.) to the optocoupler output directly. You must use a transistor to supply the current of the output draws more than 50mA.



  • 1 x 2-Channel PC817 3.6-30V Optocoupler Isolation Module
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