Hercules Dual 15A 6-20W Motor Controller


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The Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller is a powerful board for controlling motors. It includes a microcontroller processor, a motor drive circuit, a charging circuit and a protection circuit. It provides a complete solution for power supply, control, and drive.

Compared to document number one, the Hercules Dual motor controller’s half-bridge motor controller plate number one and N-MOSFET have a significant advantage in driving heavy loads with an output current of up to 15A. The Hercules Dual motor controller has a wide power supply range, which makes it compatible with the universal 7.4~11.1V lipo battery found in remote cars and model aeroplanes. The board is protected by a fuse, and the corresponding LED shows the protection status when overloaded.

This motor controller is Arduino-compatible and offers a high degree of expandability. The reserved standard Grove ports provide convenient access to a wide range of modules on the platform of motor cars, such as Servo and Encoder. This makes it possible to build versatile masterpieces with multiple functions.


Item Min Typical Max Unit
Working Voltage 6.0 20.0 VDC
Motor Current per Channel 15 A
I/O Voltage 5 VDC
I/O Logic(TTL) 5 VDC
Temperature Range -40 +125 C


  • Full bridge drive circuit based on MOSFET supports two independent channels, each channel up to 15A
  • LED shows fuse protection status
  • Several Grove ports, conveniently connect with servo, encoder and sensors
  • ATMega328 controller, Arduino compatible


A: Encoder Connectors.

B: Grove Connectors.

C: Servo Connectors.

D: ATMega328P IC.

E: SPI Connector.

F: Programming Connector.

G: Reset Button.

H: Channel 1 Motor Blow Fuse.

J: Channel 2 Motor Blow Fuse.

K: DC Motor Channel 1 Screw Terminals.

L: DC Motor Channel 2 Screw Terminals.

M: Battery Input Screw Terminals.


The controller cannot be powered directly from the programming connector which connect to the PC for code downloading. The controller must be powered from the Power screw J1, by batteries or a DC supply (6-20V). The controller uses 2 15A slow blow fuses to protect the “H” bridges. After connecting the power supply:
  • Connect a DC Motor to Channel 1 Screw Terminals.
  • Connect the controller to your computer with a UartSBee V4 and a USB cable.



  • 1 x Hercules Dual 15A 6-20W Motor Controller
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