This dissolved oxygen meter product is used to measure the dissolved oxygen in water, to reflect the water quality. It is widely applied in many water quality applications, such as aquaculture, environment monitoring, natural science, etc.
There’s an old saying regarding keeping fish, “Good fish deserves good water”. Good water quality is very important to aquatic organisms. Dissolved oxygen is one of the important parameters to reflect water quality. Low dissolved oxygen in the water will lead to difficulty in breathing for aquatic organisms, which may threaten their lives. This product is used to measure the dissolved oxygen in water, to reflect the water quality. This sensor kit helps you quickly to build your own dissolved oxygen detector.
The probe is galvanic, does not need polarization time, and stays available at any time. The filling solution and membrane cap are replaceable, leading to the low maintenance cost. The signal converter board is plug-and-play and has good compatibility. It can be easily integrated into any control or detecting system.
This dissolved oxygen meter product is easy to use with high compatibility. This dissolved oxygen sensor product is very suitable for your water projects in detecting the dissolved oxygen concentration for the aquatic organisms with open-source code and detailed tutorial provided.

Arduino Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor Connection Diagram
Arduino Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor Connection Diagram

1. The filling solution is 0.5 mol/L NaOH solution. You need to pour it into the membrane cap before use. Please be cautious with the operation because the solution is corrosive. Please wear gloves! If the solution accidentally drops onto the skin, wash your skin with plenty of water immediately.
2. The oxygen permeable membrane in the membrane cap is sensitive and fragile. Be cautious when handling it. Fingernail and other sharp objects should be avoided.
3. The DO sensor will consume a little oxygen during the measurement. Please gently stir the solution and let the oxygen be distributed evenly in the water.


Dissolved Oxygen Probe:

1. Galvanic probe, no need polarization time

2. Filling solution and membrane cap is replaceable, low maintenance cost

Signal Converter Board:

1. 3.3~5.5V wide-range power supply, compatible with most Arduino microcontroller

2. 0~3.0V analog output, compatible with all microcontrollers with ADC function.

3. Gravity interface, plug, and play, easy to use


Dissolved Oxygen Probe

  • Type: Galvanic Probe
  • Detection Range: 0~20mg/L
  • Response Time: Up to 98% full response, within 90 seconds (25℃)
  • Pressure Range: 0~50PSI
  • Electrode Service Life: 1 year (normal use)
  • Maintenance Period: Membrane Cap Replacement Period: 1~2 months (in muddy water); 4~5 months (in clean water) Filling Solution Replacement Period: Once every month
  • Cable Length: 2 meters
  • Probe Connector: BNC

Signal Converter Board

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3~5.5V
  • Output Signal: 0~3.0V
  • Cable Connector: BNC
  • Signal Connector: Gravity Analog Interface (PH2.0-3P)
  • Dimension: 42mm * 32mm


  • Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Probe with Membrane Cap x1
  • Spare Membrane Cap x1
  • Signal Converter Board x1
  • Gravity Analog Sensor Cable x1
  • Waterproof Gasket x2
  • Screw Cap for BNC Connector x1
  • Plastic Dropper x2
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