Jumper Wires Female to Male

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Jumper wires are one of the most important gear component for the tinkerer. Often understimated, but one of the first things to miss. If you are starting to assemble your tinker gear and wondering if this is really needed, doubt not, this is at some point or another always used. Wire or pieces are basic, even for the non-often tinkerers. Jumper wires are not just fitted for prototyping but also a resource for repurposing. You can cut them and add new headers, or mix them up and connect or bridge several things. Due to their low cost and high usability these are a must on any gear.


  • 240mm (9.4”) x5
  • 200mm (7.9”) x5
  • 150mm (5.9”)x8
  • 110mm (4.3”)x47


  • 1 x Jumper Wires (F/M) (65 Pack)
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