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A 7-segment LED Display looks like the number “8” and has 8 parts that can light up to show numbers or characters. There’s also an extra part for a decimal point. You can make these parts light up by connecting them to your circuit using separate pins.

There are two types of wiring: common anode and common cathode. In a common anode, you connect all the positive pins together, and in a common cathode, you connect all the negative pins together.

Here’s a picture of how the pins are usually set up to help you see which pin connects to which part of the display. This way, you can make the right parts light up when you want them to.


  • Available in two modes Common Cathode (CC) and Common Anode (CA)
  • Available in many different sizes like 9.14mm,14.20mm,20.40mm,38.10mm,57.0mm, and 100mm (Commonly used/available size is 14.20mm)
  • Available colors: White, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green (Res is commonly used)
  • Low current operation
  • Better, brighter and larger display than conventional LCD displays.
  • Current consumption: 30mA / segment
  • Peak current: 70mA



7 Segment Display Dimensions



  • Used in applications where font size is required to be bigger
  • Microcontroller Independent, hence used in small circuit projects
  • Used in combination with four segments to display measurement/sensor value  with four characters
  • Has bright illumination, hence used where displays are required to work in low light or dark conditions


  • LED color: Red
  • Forward voltage: 1.8V
  • LED luminosity: 20000 UCD @ IF = 10mA
  • Forward current per segment, IF: 30mA max.
  • Peak current per segment: 70mA
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +85 deg C
  • Reverse voltage: 3V max.



  • 1 x 7 Segment Display – LED
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